Saturday, September 10, 2016

Why I take Selfies

If you've ever wondered why I seem to take a lot of selfies or have a lot on my phone then the answer is incredibly simple. It is not even that original.

I have grown up with body and self esteem issues that I will most likely never really eradicate. Depending on the day I still will avoid my image in the mirror or avoid looking at a picture someone else takes of me. I don't like my reflection half the time and I definitely don't like to think that other people view me the way I see myself in those images. So as I got older I sort of figured that a little touch of vanity never killed anyone and I would embrace my looks and the way I dressed. A little effort, as my mother will no doubt tell you, goes a long way and the most attractive woman in the room is often the most confident. I didn't have to be beautiful - I just had to tell myself I was and take pride in that. There is nothing wrong in taking care and pride in your appearance if it brings you healthy self esteem and confidence. There is absolutely such thing as overconfidence and too much pride can lead to vanity - but since deep down I sometimes think I'm fat and ugly, I'm timid and shy to those I don't know, and I'm such a nerd sometimes I genuinely outdo myself I really don't think a huge ego is my problem.

Selfie culture has actually been quite a blessing for me, and the front facing camera is revolutionised the way I feel about my own looks. I may cringe at a photo someone else takes of me and secretly hope it burns but there is definitely something to be said about taking a nice selfie when you're feeling a little bad to remind you that 'hey, I'm not too bad'.

No one wants to be the girl who takes all the selfies but I guess I am sort of that girl. I don't post selfies to look like a snob, I don't do it to be vain and I certainly don't do it because I think it makes me cool. I just take them, sometimes post them if I feel like it, because maybe I needed that little self esteem boost that comes from seeing a nice picture of yourself. There's nothing like a picture to show your care and effort pays off to make you feel like it, or you, was worth it!

Some days there's nothing like a little #selfiesteem to make light in a bad situation. 

Just a little 'my personality drives people away, but hey at least I look pretty with that lipstick I bought, yay for me'. 

It's not hurting anyone and it makes a big difference for me.

Sam xox

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